The Affect of Technology on Our Effects

Privacy is Security!

First, lets brush up on our rights a bit.  Whatever happened to the The Lost “Effects” of the Fourth Amendment: Giving Personal Property Due Protection

Recently, the supreme court ruled that the police can’t track you with your cellphone in a Huge Win for Everyone With a Cellphone (and for the Fourth Amendment) at the Supreme Court

If you were wondering Do SUPREME COURT JUSTICES HAVE SMART PHONES? TECHNOLOGY AND THE SUPREME COURT I doubt it.  Justice Souter didn’t even watch TV and the chief justice doesn’t use a computer.

But biohackers don’t have any patients for the law to catch up with wearable technologies and are volunteering to get them for reasons varying from arts to convenience.  In Under My Skin: The New Frontier Of Digital Implants ‘”Biohackers” are putting microchips and magnets in their bodies for everything from unlocking the front door to detecting moon earthquakes.”

Implanting Chips into Your Body Is a Dangerous Step Specially when one becomes a guinea pig without their knowledge or informed consent.

What if the Supreme Court had ruled on the case of Brian Wronge twenty five years ago?  Charge of Holocaust  MEDICAL EXPERIMENT ON BLACK INMATE

British inventor is pitching the chip too.  Proponents are in it to make money and they’ll make us pay, in more ways than one!


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Losing The Mind

Have you lost your mind!

This article on MK-Ultra Project, Monarch and Julian Assange may give you some clues as to where you might have misplaced it.

Also here’s How the CIA hid their MKULTRA mind control program

Confessions as Cover

Once in a blue moon the U.S. Government may confess to its secret crimes specially when caught red handed by leaks to the press or whistleblowers’ revelations, but we still have to take it all in with a grain of salt for obvious reasons.  Case in point is Operation Dormouse when the CIA covered continued Artichoke atrocities with MKULTRA.  Read all about it in this Op-ed Cries From the Past: Torture’s Ugly Echoes The government cannot confess to crimes that it continues to do.  Who would trust a corrupt entity, public or private, anyway!  They wouldn’t go that far to suddenly stop.

Bending the Mind

Pain is often the forgotten piece of the puzzle.  Healing the heart is hard work.  Despite the fact that everyone can relate to pain it is often totally ignored, unless you are the one in pain.  At this point, your pain takes over you.  We can see it everywhere but can’t do much about it.  How much pain did you see on T.V. or the internet today?  What did you do about it?  I am in a lot of pain right now can’t you tell?  How come psychics can’t either!  Weird stuff.  I found this article because I thought of the first three words not the other way around.  So where am I going with this, offline, that’s where.  See what I mean here Bending the Mind With the Body

The Mind – Lost and Found

If you are some scientist that still has trouble defining consciousness then have a look and see at someone having a seizure on YouTube for God’s sake!  Before the invention of the EEG seizures diagnosis was focused on the gut.  It’s worth mentioning that toxic pharmacological drugs can not cure nor eliminate seizures, but they can fool the EEG.  Self-control of Epileptic Seizures by Nonpharmacological Strategies is how seizure sufferers have long been dealing with this medical emergency on their own forever, but you couldn’t explain it to a neurologist even today!

“They diagnose us electrically…but treat us chemically.” Dr. Brian Clement

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The Stench of The Surveillance State

“No one can escape mind control.” Mark Phillips

To see how all that came about I recommend, Walter Bowart’s classic work Operation Mind Control where he walks the reader step by step through it’s development.

One reason for this absolute control is that the powers at be can control us subconsciously and they have mastered doing so long before the deployment of Artificial Intelligence and the industrial revolution.  For example, Religion is the oldest form of mass mind control practiced around the globe to this day.  You will be controlled by religion whether you are a believer or not, within its reach or not, and posthumously in the eyes of believers.

However, in the age of invasive AI nowhere is this form of control more true than our sense of smell.  Other senses control us too, but you can still attempt an escape route by taking a different approach to life.   But, we wouldn’t want to stop breathing even if we were being tortured.  So our olfactory system, the little unknown brain inside our brains, has more control over us than we would want to admit and author Allen Barkkume highlights the complexity of this control in his article Olfaction and The Artificial Unconscious.

Did you know you can smell fear, that’s right, The smell of fear is real, say scientists even if you’re unaware of it and when left to the military we will be more than just afraid.  As much as we like to smell good we don’t spray our nose or face.  Some smokers don’t even like to smell others smoking (specially their cigarettes, ha ha).  Yet, Aroma Therapy / In The Military, It’s Known As ‘Nonlethal Weapons Development’ and take my word for it it’s more developed than you would want to experience!

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You Have Everything To Lose

Take a glimpse into the lives of Targeted Individuals.

You have heard that “if you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear” more than you can count by now.   Let’s examine this Government logic.  Does it mean if you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to lose!   Does it mean if you’re not doing anything wrong, you’ve got nothing to worry about?  Well, let’s take a trip down this lonely logic, will you?  So if you’ve got something to hide, then you’ve got something to fear reports Alex Abdo, Former Senior Staff Attorney, ACLU Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project You May Have ‘Nothing to Hide’ But You Still Have Something to Fear

You must have something to hide.  That’s one reason why we wear clothes, isn’t it?  Most likely you have passwords to hide, right?  Daily private thoughts by the thousands that race through your mind faster than words & like dreams you can’t even remember most of them.  What if I told you that’s enough to get you into hot & heavy water with the Government.  Maybe not just yet, but it will someday.  You will make a number of important decisions online like reading this blog post.  Better stop right there buddy you’re busted.  What are you still doing reading about this stuff?  Let me guess you might share it with someone too.  My god, when are you going to learn your lesson?  Really, I mean really, when?  Don’t you know that this is unacceptable behavior. A red flag.  You obviously think nothing of it, what’s the big deal, ha?   I certainly hope you didn’t search for it, because I can’t even find this blog that way.

Next time you have a chance count how many doors you use during a typical day.  How many times will you use your car’s annoying alarm tomorrow?  You expect some privacy on your calls, don’t you, or you wouldn’t hold the cellphone to your ear while screaming in public.  It’s nobodies business, so you think, you’re business is your business.  I’m drifting a bit, let’s look at your calories.  Well it’s labeled, but not enforced like the speed limit or alcoholic consumption.  What if you’re on controlled pharmaceutical drugs, wouldn’t you consider that a private matter?  Yup, you can lose everything.  Your health, depends on a certain level of peace of mind, on getting a good night sleep, on eating healthy.  What if the organic and Non-GMO consumers become a Targeted Group.  Not to mention, Vegans and Vegetarians.  Worse yet, the local grocer turns them in.  I mean you might not remember your last shopping list, but the Big Brother does.  Am I being paranoid?  Tell that to smokers & the tobacco industry.

To be continued…just remember for now that you can lose everything.  We all have lost our privacy, dignity, time & money.

Picking up where I left off last month, here is an example of what we lost, ironically today happens to be April fools Attorney Client Privilege and the NSA

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Detect & Shield

This is a House extensively shielded against cell towers and other microwave sources Location, location, & location rule of real estate is key for shielding as it is for price.

Shielding Windows

“Sound waves pass more easily through a building’s windows than they do its walls. Therefore, securing a facility’s windows is the best way to protect its occupants from sonic attacks.”  However, Thermolite Windows are not available for residential property.

According to engineer and researcher Michael Geraghty “windows are also used to detect vibrations from people talking inside with lasers but a small speaker playing some white noise attached to the window should remedy that.”

“Windows are the most important areas of a room to shield, because they’re the principal portals for RF/MW radiation.” For additional shielding products and detection gear visit:

While Drones get first anti-laser lasers to stop being shot down few seconds is not long enough for civilians to get out of the way and if hit in the eyes the target is rendered immobile.  So the best thing to do at home is to stay away from the windows to avoid a direct hit from a laser beam specially if you are focused on other activities like reading or resting.

Of course, we have to now reduce solar radiation and the wasteful city lights.  Here is a link for window screens that can reduce heat by as much as 90%

Shielding for Head, Neck, & Body

“…shield yourself from power line and computer electrical fields, and microwave, radar, and TV radiation.”

Related Resources:

So you are a new EMC Engineer…… Now what?

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Torture That Never Stops

Here is an article about victims of torture at Guantanamo that I can relate to:

The Lingering Effects of Torture

I have suffered many of these same torture techniques remotely.  Many other Targeted Individuals, MKULTRA and ritual abuse survivors report similar torments.  How many of them have you experienced, for how long, and more importantly, in what condition?

The Beast weaponry machine tortures the disabled, elderly, women, children, & their pets too and not only it does not stop, but it is unstoppable!  And there is no where to run, hide, or turn to for help except for a few online surviving groups and individuals.

Why no one is talking about the NASA’S BLUE BEAM PROJECT N°2  “It is used to torture people both physically and mentally from a distance.”  To this day, I have yet to see a post on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, and none on online Talk Radio about it, when it has been known for more than two decades.  Obviously, the War Party is draining our resources & deceiving us with cover stories.  When I found out about it I shared it on Facebook and there was no interest in it by the affected community.

Two US: Ex-Detainees Describe Unreported CIA Torture and it is important to note that “Under international human rights law, notably the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Convention against Torture, both of which the US has ratified, governments have obligations to ensure the right to an effective remedy for victims of serious human rights violations, including torture and other ill-treatment. A victim’s right to an effective remedy requires the government to take the necessary investigative, judicial, and reparatory steps to redress the violation and provide for the victim’s rights to knowledge, justice, and reparations. The government is under a continuing obligation to provide an effective remedy; there is no time limit on legal action. Although these violations did not take place in the United States, they occurred while the individuals were under the effective control of US security forces.”  So state secrets do not take precedence over human rights and global security.  It is clear that national security can not be used as an excuse to supersede human rights. In the same light, we do not win by losing our humanity and losing it is a sure sign of defeat.

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Doctors Prescribe Lethal Dose of Neurontin

There is no drug antidote for Neurontin!

Source: Doctors Prescribe Lethal Dose of Neurontin

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