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The Manipulation Series – Gaslighting

“A look at the insideous psychological abuse and manipulation tactic known as Gaslighting. It come from the 1930’s movie by the same name “Gaslight” You can rent a version of it from Netflix”


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Sent to DOJ on 7/25/12 to:

There are nearly 1,800 victims’ signatures on this Petition: Ban Electronic Warfare on Civilians & . Also, there are a dozen similar petitions like it online with many more petitioners’ complaints pleading for an end to this genocide & menticide.

For decades Targeted Individuals have been killed, injured, & tortured under the watchful eyes of their governments. We ask you to intervene to stop the deployment of these Cruel & Unusual Weapons of Mass Destruction on Civilians. 

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Fritz Springmeier – Undetectable Mind Control

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Microwaving targeted individuals: End rights abuses Barrett tells government

Microwaving targeted individuals: End rights abuses Barrett tells government


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*You Don’t Want a Microchiped World* — Dr. Katherine Albrecht (CTDM)

Dr. Katherine Albrecht is Sounding the Alarm about the RFID Crisis in this very powerful lecture:

Learn More at:


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