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Have We Been Checkmate?

Have We Been Checkmate?.


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Have We Been Checkmate?

By Kommy Yazdian


Some say just to survive the future we have to evolve further really fast!  But have we ever been able to evolve much without the freedom of our minds?  Do you remember learning that earth was once thought to be flat & no one would dare to challenge that notion.  What kind of survival skills are necessary to survive the constant ecological warfare of today: Chemtrails, toxic Fluoride in our municipal water supply, GMOs, HAARP & we better not forget about acid rain from pollution?  Can we even try to evolve without a certain degree of personal freedom of thought when RFID implantations have reached under our skin on a large scale whether through routine medical surgeries or cosmetic procedures, or some kind of government experiments!  I better mention Nano chips in vaccines here too.  Is all hope lost now or can we dig deeper within to find a solution to this pandemic.  Do we want to live in constant fear of deadly cancers or other demoralizing medical conditions because of the constant barrage of Electronic Warfare.  Is the complete loss of Privacy old news.  Well thanks to the Targeted Individuals who have been speaking the truth to power & who have initiated the political will to have checks & balances decades ago there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.

You see, I was first implanted in Iran some forty years ago.  I was too young to remember this traumatic surgery & in recent years only two members of my family have vaguely commented that it was during an ENT office visit in Karaj.  To this date, no doctor has ever asked me during examinations or follow-up visits about an inch sized scar on the right side of my neck.  Even when I am screaming in pain on their exam table they pull out another trick play from their playbook to bill me & my insurance companies.  Of course, chaos & confusion is good for their business.

I have a lot in common with the rest of humanity.  I am a survivor in this wild & crazy world.  For example, I have survived the Cold War, the 1979 Iranian Revolution, political assassinations of my father & his uncle, the beginning of the Iran-Iraq war (I lost several more family members in that conflict), immigration to the west, LA Unified Public Schools & the LA Gangs, War on Drugs, earthquakes in Los Angeles (including the 1994 Northridge Quake), hurricanes in Miami (including Katrina & Wilma), animal attacks, toxic pharmaceuticals & their lethal side effects, Medical Industrial Complex‘s injuries, abuse, neglect, & exploitation (I am including Dentistry here as well), car accidents, work injuries, joblessness, poverty, & I have been coping with my disabilities since the turn of the century.  However, how long can a TI like me in this condition survive the Big Brother & the potential threat that he can hit me with his Kill Switch any time it wishes – I would be history & added to some government’s statistics.  Basically, right in line with the saying: I am going to kill you & make it look like an accident.

If that was not enough, it is worth noting that I was implanted three more times in Southern California during medical surgeries. Second time was during an outpatient “nasal polyp” surgery in 1989.  The third & forth implants were done in 1999 by a team of Podiatrists in Irvine.  Years later I learned online that these surgeons have extensive disciplinary history with the medical board of California.  If you think that I am a unique case then where are all the IBM neural implants ending up?  Somebody is making the microchips/biochips for Medical Equipments, or the ones that go into the Prison Populations, or in Political Prisoners.  I have also learned that some Inventors have been implanted by their competitors or business partners in order to get to the Patent Office first no doubt.  That’s right, big brother wants everything we got. Now they are working on bottling wisdom as well.

Have we entered another period of Dark Ages or have we been in a Black Hole all along & no one has ever figured out that this nightmare does not have an ending.  Yet, if we are smarter than the Cavemen then it is not a big leap to think that technology is here to help us thrive rather than we just attempt at surviving the next breakthrough or discovery in science & technology!  It’s wise to start taming the current monsters in our closets or we will go extinct.  If you still would venture to subscribe to the survival of the fittest argument then you haven’t even adjusted to our present condition yet.  In short, I am positive that progress & prosperity can coexist with privacy & peace.

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